Kanaster, Gayla

Gayla Kanaster joined the TEA Board in 2002, and is the Networking Program Administrator. She was born with EM. After the birth of her daughter, studies done by the University of Alabama and the Mayo Clinic revealed that EM runs in her family and has affected generations. Over the years, her EM symptoms decreased slightly and she developed Raynaud’s Syndrome. However, her daughter’s case has become worse. She is the main reason that Gayla was eager to become involved in TEA. Gayla was a flight attendant for 2 1/2 years (was caught changing into flat open shoes in flight) and a travel agent for twenty. She hopes her background as president of another large non-profit organization in Los Angeles will help her contribute to TEA in some way. She and her husband moved to Tacoma, WA to be near her daughter’s family.