Research Project Listing

Recruitment to Study EM

Researcher:  Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Currently enrolling the following two patient groups in our research studies:
1. Families in which two or more individuals have EM in more than one generation (Inherited EM).
2. People with early-onset EM, i.e., individuals with EM whose symptoms developed during their first 10-15 years of life.

Individuals with inherited EM or early-onset EM who meet the above stated criteria, and are interested in volunteering in our research, may contact us at:

Please note that the profiling DNA from the above two groups of EM sufferers is part of the research program at Yale. Because this is a research program and not a clinical service, Yale is prohibited from disclosing the results of DNA profiling to patients. DNA profiling is very effort-intensive and therefore, Yale is unable to study patients with non-inherited EM and patients with adult-onset EM at this time.

Painful Channelopathies Study  – no longer recruiting

Researcher: The London Pain Consortium, University of Oxford Clinical Neurosciences and the Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain.

Further information at: prepared by The London Pain Consortium.